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      Upon that he raised the flag high in one hand, let it balloon to the wind, made a sign of refusal, and all at once poured out a flood of speech--pledges to Anna and her fellow-needlewomen--charges to his men--hopes for the cherished cause--words so natural and unadorned, so practical and soldier-like, and yet so swift, that not a breath was drawn till he had ended. But then what a shout!

      With the letter she sent a great case of presents. Dresses and shawls for Melinda, tobacco for Taffy and the rest of the men, and a diamond ringone of the bestfor Varley himself.You hear? said the other man to Esmeralda.

      I find it hard to realize, too, she said.Thank you for your adviceas well as your assistance, she said, with a faint lisp. Shall we go on?


      Tedious to Kincaid's Battery were his absences on so many errands. Behind a big earthwork of their own construction down on the river's edge of the old battle ground, close beyond the Callenders', they lay camped in pretty white tents that seemed to Anna, at her window, no bigger than visiting-cards. Rarely did she look that way but the fellows were drilling, their brass pieces and their officers' drawn sabres glinting back the sun, horses and men as furiously diligent as big and little ants, and sometimes, of an afternoon, their red and yellow silk and satin standard unfurled--theirs and hers. Of evenings small bunches of the boys would call to chat and be sung to; to threaten to desert if not soon sent to the front; and to blame all delays on colonels and brigadiers "known" by them to be officially jealous of--They gave only the tedious nickname.XIII THINGS ANNA COULD NOT WRITE


      Dont be afraid, boys, he said. We shall do it. The next instant, amidst a ringing cheer, the mare had sprung toward the road.