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      He took the hint at once, and went after it, and Lady Wyndover sat down beside Esmeralda.He came out a moment afterward, and Trafford, who could now see his face plainly, was struck by its well-bred air as well as by its pallor and the expression of stern resolution which seemed to mask anxiety.

      CHAPTER XXXIX.Esmeralda smiled.

      She took off his hat, and put her flower-bedecked one in its place; and, strange to say, Varleys remarkable good looks came through even this severe test triumphantly.

      Yes, she said, gravely. I forgot that. The hateful money! The words burst from her with fierce energy. What does it matter? Do you think you would be any the happier if you hadyesbitterlyall my money? If you love her you can tell her so, and if she loves youmarry her right away.


      Do not answer me yet, he said, for I feel that if you[119] were to do so, it would be No; and I want you to say Yes. Shall I take the horses?He showed it to Esmeralda without a word, and after gazing before her in silence, and musingly, she said, very softly, and with a tone of regret:


      Mr. Pinchook doesnt propose to take me, said Varley.Varley Howard raised his eyebrows slightly, and proceeded to roll a cigarette with extreme care.


      After what seemed an interminable time, filled up with a suspense beyond the power of words to describe, the door of the hut opened and the doctor came out. The three men started forward simultaneously. The doctor addressed Varley.Allegra's wedding-day had dawneda glorious daya day to make one drunken with the beauty of sky and earth; a day when the vetturini in the Piazza di Spagna sat and dreamt on their coach-boxesnarcotized by the sunwhen the reds and blues in the garments of the flower-women were almost too dazzling for the eye to look upon, and when every garden in the city sent forth tropical odours of roses steeped in sunlight.