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      "Who's your Colonel?"

      Si gave a deep groan, and up went his hands at the same moment with Shorty's.

      Si Falls out With his Food 055

      "'Clothing,' said I.

      "As soon as I could make myself talk, I answered them in German, unt told them who I was. Then they couldn't do enough for me. They helped me back to where they could get an ambulance, in which they sent me to Headquarters, for I was top weak to ride or walk a step. I handed my yellow envelope to General Curtis, got a dram of whisky to keep me up while I answered his questions, unt then went to67 sleep, unt slept through the whole battle of Pea Ridge.

      wel, & stretch."134THE BOYS were so glad to see Si back again alive that they robbed themselves of any choice morsel of food they might have saved for to-morrow's delectation.


      "I s'pose that means they eats up Corporals!" said Si.


      "Only an ignorant person sneers at ideas," he said loftily.


      "I shall call him as I go," said Pen. "If he saw or heard others with me he wouldn't be so likely to answer."