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      Why dont somebody take the old man home? he said, aggrievedly. I aint said nothing agin her. Its only natural as a fine lady should forget such a crew as us and such an all-fired hole as this.

      Her ladyship is in, your grace, he said.If youd only just look in the glass, my lady, she said. It really is superb! And there wont be anything like it in the room. They used to talk about Lady Desfords pearl satin, but this completely effaces it.

      I will try to do so, he said. You may trust me. Never by word or look will I ever remind you that we are husband and wife. That I can promise you.He got into the cab and told the man to drive to Eustonand fast. The man looked at him curiously.


      Lord Trafford sighed again. All this was a truism which he had learned in his cradle.

      I am justly punished, he went on; I accept my punishment. You thought I did not love you; I know with what bitterness against me your heart was filledit is only natural that you should love him, that your heart should turn to the man who loved you before we met.I must write to VarleyVarley Howard, my guardian, she said to Trafford, one morning. I must tell him allall that has happened.


      We hev, responded Taffy, emphatically.


      "Keep back, ladies!" pleads Madame's late informant, holding off two or three bodily. "Ladies, sit down! Will you please to keep back!" Flora still leans out. Some one is melodiously calling:Keep quiet, he said, with an oath, or it will be worse for you.


      Reach me that Society Chatteryes, the paper on the chair.While Bill was submitting to the operation as patiently as he could, Varley opened his letters. They were partly on business, partly personal; invitations from various camps to come and open a gambling saloon; flowery epistles from members of the fair sexmost of them reproaching him for his long absence and neglect of writing.